Founded on a legacy of 40 years, Delma Emirates Group was corporatized in 2008 to capitalize on the synergy and to provide an integrated vision and leadership to its member companies. Delma Emirates Group is a dynamic and rapidly progressive business group with multi-disciplinary infrastructure construction and associated activities as its core interest, supplemented by rapidly growing interests in trading, investment, manufacturing and technology.

Our approach throughout the group is client-focused, and our ability to respond to changing needs and environments attests to our commitment to delivering the best results with integrity.

Delma Emirates Group

Group Companies

  • Capital Survey
  • Delma Transport
  • Wateco
  • Delma Emirates Diesel
  • Mabani-Delma General Contracting
  • Delma Engineering
  • Delma Investments
  • Delma Trading
  • Sam's Leather Collection
  • Toyo Engineering
  • Heliopolis Electric Company

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About Us

From an ancient pearl-trading harbor to a flourishing tourist destination, Delma Island has come a long way. In recent years this little island has gained prominence and is now part of the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan. Like our namesake, we too have evolved. Starting small, the Delma Group of Companies has now grown into a major multinational organization with various divisions. All linked by one unifying attribute: Confidence.

This is a quality that drives how we do business. It defines the way we deal with our clients, vendors and associates and ensures we deliver the best return on investment. And it is our confidence that has helped us reach key milestones over the years. In 1985 RAPCO built the only tunnel in Abu Dhabi (Airport Road). This was followed by the Mabani constructed Mafraq Water Treatment plant worth AED 417 Million in 1986. In 1995 RAPCO was contracted to build the Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Expressway, the single largest contract in Al Ain. And in 2000, we completed the largest water distribution project in Qatar worth AED 320 Million.

There are organizations that prefer to find a niche and settle in it. Companies that tend to limit their expertise to a single industry. We are not one of them.

We like breaking new ground. Driven by our confidence in infrastructure engineering, we have ventured into new and uncharted territory through the years. And it is our confidence that has determined how we approach the unknown - with open minds. We have taken our learnings from every area of specialization and adapted them to every potential opportunity. In fact, it is this drive to succeed that has enabled us to deliver over AED 30 Billion worth of critical infrastructure over the last four decades. And today our portfolio includes a diversity of expertise that is hard to match: oil and gas pipelines, major civil engineering works, international investment, roads and bridges, critical national infrastructure, water and sewerage works, manufacturing and trading.


Group Companies

Our confidence comes from collaboration, across industries, expertise and geographies. Our group companies work together towards one common goal to give us an edge over the competition.

  • Infrastructure

    Nothing represents opportunity as much as an open road, which is how it began for us. With roads, then tunnels and bridges, underground utility construction and engineering services for the UAE and then the wider GCC, we soon became the leaders in providing critical infrastructure for the region.

    Now we have grown into a diverse infrastructure engineering and construction service provider. We offer complete turnkey solutions: front-end surveying and analysis, electro-mechanical works, procurement and supply, complex construction execution and project financing.

    But, we still retain the thrill of a new journey. We’re always open to new partnerships, joint ventures and long-term relationships that will complement our skills, products and services.

    Our most important projects include the widening of the road between Al Ajban and Abu Dhabi/Dubai Highway worth AED 289 Million. The second from our list of accomplishments was the supply, construction and maintenance of the water supply network for Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation worth AED 257 Million. With the third being the construction of Sewer & Storm water networks including the detention pond at Al Khawaneej site for Dubai Municipality for AED 279 Million.

  • Technology

    Constantly evolving, we keep up to speed.

    In fact, we have always embraced and pioneered the use of new technology in the region. It is one of the pillars of our group. And as our group has evolved so has our status as a leader in the trading of technology products and services. Our current portfolio includes: physical and electronic security systems, banking automation, home automation, power generation, civil defense technology and system integration.

    Key Projects include the Abu Dhabi City Surveillance System, Terminal 3 Surveillance system for Dubai Airport and Geographical and Hydrographic surveying across the GCC.

  • Diversity

    Inspired by our success in construction and engineering we have confidently expanded our portfolio of services to include new areas of business. From trading coffee beans in Brazil to supplying fire-fighting equipment in the UAE, our expertise is as diverse as the countries we deal with.

    Starting with RAPCO in 1968, we quickly expanded to make our mark in other industries. We went from infrastructure to agriculture trading and are currently involved in the trade of fertilizers, soya oil, soya seeds, coffee and soya beans.

    Our fuel division deals with trading fuel, lubricants, bitumen and other related petrochemical products within the UAE. We are one of the leading suppliers of fire-fighting equipment and FG Wilson generator sets and are industry experts at procuring and integrating complex pipeline networking systems. While our international expertise extends to land, marine, GIS and geophysical surveys as well as geotechnical services with fully developed material testing laboratory services.

    Transportation also forms an essential part of our offering as a group. We supply various commercial vehicles and heavy equipment to the construction and industrial sectors, representing internationally renowned brands including Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Man, Hamm and Tadno.

  • Investment

    Having perfected our expertise in the field of infrastructure engineering, we made our entry into the world of investment. To most companies, that may seem like a big move, we considered it natural progression. We leveraged our learning from money management through our multinational experience and focused on offering financial solutions.

    We began with Delma Investments, an AED 500 Million company. This was followed by investment in capital markets, equities, foreign exchange, commodities, new technologies and aircraft leasing. As the frontline company in the group, we have varied interests. This includes commercial and residential property development, foreign exchange, commodities trading and new technologies amongst other structured investments. We have an asset capitalization of more than half a billion dirhams; a diversified portfolio across seven different sectors; and are equipped with innovative solutions to support group activities and provide a strong foundation for future expansion.

Delma Emirates Group


We believe that a global company needs global perspectives. This is why our staff is just as diverse as our industrial expertise. Our employees come from all across the globe, each one bringing new ideas, unique potential and specialized skills - all working together toward a common objective.

On our staff roster, you will see professionals from Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, UAE, Uganda, UK, US and Yemen. And with over 7,500 employees, we can truly claim global capability. Through the combination of our people and their capabilities, we are constantly achieving new levels of efficiency and success. The skills, insights and knowledge gained through our multinational staff and international operations give us the ability to deliver a wide range of services in line with global best practices. While the collective experience of our industry experts enables us to guarantee world-class quality in all the services we offer.

Our employees are more than just the people who fulfill the day-to-day responsibilities of our organization. Every one of them has been selected for their experience and we consider them progressive partners. We recognize that they are a key asset and we provide an environment that nurtures personal and professional growth through equal opportunity and appropriate training programs.

Cultural diversity is at the heart of our business, ensuring that all our associates have equal access to information, development and opportunity. This helps us consolidate our global team, capitalize on their diverse talent and ideas and collectively shape the vision for the future.

Are you ready to begin your own success story with Delma Group? Join our team and be a part of a legacy that spans 40 years in the region. To apply to Delma Group, please send your resume to: careers@delmagroup.ae

Delma Emirates Group

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